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Cold Moon – Available for Purchase

Okay, my friends, here’s the deal. You like poetry? You like particularly maudlin confessional poetry? I got you covered.

The self-published Cold Moon is available for purchase.


You want a copy? Here’s how to get one… choose your option and sally forth:

  1. I WANT A COPY IN PERSON! Tell me you want me to bring a copy to somewhere we’ll both be. Bring $16. We’ll trade. (Alternatively, if you’re gonna be somewhere Scott’s gonna be, I can probably twist his arm and get HIM to bring you a copy.)
  2. I WANT A COPY SHIPPED or I WANT TO GET ONE WITHOUT YOU KNOWING I DID IT! (me? I’d probably always be an anonymous buyer. What if I don’t like it? Now I won’t ever have to tell you…): Head on over to and order your very own. This is a print-on-demand service, so you’ll get an estimate of when it’s gonna arrive. Easy for me, as I don’t have to handle any shipping details. Price will vary depending on the shipping option you choose, but it seemed to be running around $22 total.
  3. I WANT A COPY SHIPPED BUT I ALSO WANT YOU TO SIGN IT! That’s cool. We can work out the details. I have Paypal, or if you’re afraid of interwebby buying, we can work out something. Drop me a message at: stoplightpoetry (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know you want a copy, as well as your preferred method of payment, and we’ll get it all arranged. Just to keep things simple, this option will run you $22.

Disclosure: I have a limited number on hand. If I run out, I can get more, but it’ll take time.

Cheers, All!