He was the voice
of her finding.
And she broke
a rule.
But in
coming of age,
learned to share
everything and everything.

And if there could be
a returning,
she is the one
I would bring back
to the light.
Because of her sweetness
and belief
in everything and everything.

These are just words now.
And sometimes
I smoke too much
and start to see
their truth.
She got sleepy and was
impossible to discern
from everything and everything.

So let us
wake her now.
And let us
measure her steps now.
And let us
slow her breath now.
And let her come back
to everything and everything.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

2 responses to “Tupelo”

  1. Beryl O. Lindsay says :

    Yesterday morning I slept in late and remembered my dream, both unusual events for me. I dreamt I was in the back yard of the house I grew up in, near Boston . It was winter and the ground was covered with snow. I was trying to fix some weird backpack/baby carrier that had several interconnecting latches that were difficult to fit together. Many of the dreams I do remember are of trying to accomplish frustrating mechanical tasks. In these dreams- which often involve bikes, cars, motorcycles, or even guns (weird, because I’ve never owned a gun)- things never seem to fit together, or I’m missing a part, or the thing just won’t work right, and I awake frustrated and annoyed. But in this dream, all at once I saw the connection I needed to make and everything just snapped perfectly into place, and the strange contraption was complete, intact, and felt wonderfully solid. Pleased with myself, I looked up and noticed a spot on the ground a few feet away that I hadn’t noticed a moment before. It was a bare patch, free of snow, and the grass was just starting to turn green, and there was a bumblebee buzzing down just above the blades. The bee was beautiful, with black, yellow and orange hairs, and it seemed as detailed and clear as anything I ever remember seeing in a dream. I woke up.

  2. Emily says :

    OK. Here’s the thing. This comment above was put in my spam filter. And all evidence points to this being comment-spam. Ordinarily I’d just delete. But when I searched for the text, I came across this (now-retired) blog: http://watchingtheworldwakeup.blogspot.com/.

    And I love it. So I’m linking it here for you, friendly reader, in case you’re of a mind to wander over there too.

    Weirdly, this guy blogged multiple times about Pando. Just strange timing, because I developed a brief obsession with Pando for a bit last week.

    I never know what to make of things like this.

    18 months ago, when my back was real fucked up, I was out trying to walk through the pain, and an injured coyote came out of the tall grass and sat in my path, watching.

    On Saturday, I ran for the first time in 18 months…not just trying out my legs like the week before, but for-real this time, run a bit walk a bit run a bit walk a bit. I mean, what the fuck did those doctors know about me, and who the fuck are they to tell me “never” and “can’t”?

    Anyway, I was running at the marsh, because everything is the marsh, and just when it started to really feel good, a coyote came out of the tall grass and sat in my path, watching.

    Skeptical me always wants to laugh things like this off. But there’s another part of me that loves the woo-woo of it all…

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