We stand
Alone together —
But destined
For withdrawal —

And summerlong
Clothe ourselves
In beautiful illusion,
Gathering all
That’s glorious
And good.

Before we let them fall,
We must blind you
With all the ways
Green can be green,
Or orange can be orange,
Or red and gold
Can be red and gold —
All the ways a wind
Can make us dance or sing —
All the ways sun
Brings out the best in us.

We want you
To feel
What you feel —

Yet still,
We must ask more
Of you,
My friend.

For a season,
You loved us well.
Now we shed dreams
Like leaves —
A million spoonfuls
Of bitter in the autumn breeze —
And this vague darkness
Grows harder to circumscribe —
But please,
Don’t turn your back.

Do not close your eyes.
Hold all of this,
In a thin hand.

So many know how
To let us kiss them
In a bountiful time.

But too few are willing
To endure our extremes —
To accept
What is not good
Or glorious —
To meet us halfway
Between the light
And shadow
And kiss us back.

Shared for Open Link Night No. 64 with the dVerse Poets. Cheers to you, friend!


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

3 responses to “Withheld”

  1. brian miller says :

    mmm…truth in this…true intimacy takes time and commitment and willingness to love even in the ugly moments….many will take the superficial of this but it does not lead to contentment…

  2. ayala says :

    I agree with Brian..true intimacy takes time and a willingness to work through the good and bad moments.

  3. hypercryptical says :

    Excellent write.

    Anna :o]

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