Locusts and jays
Raise the stakes.
Lusty summer’s eyes
Grow thick and heavy.
Throw the covers
From the bed —
A rumpled quilt
Of clouded sky.

It’s tricky
To translate
This dialect
Of tingling bones —
Is it an enticement
Or a dread?

She stomps a foot,
Starts the dance.
Shimmies on a breeze
That’s already
Raising goosebumps.

She’s gonna bruise
Your lips
With kisses
Wet and deep
Before she goes.

Baring limbs
And torso,
She wants you
On your knees
And begging
As the last
Veil falls.

And it’s winding down
To silent shock,
When the memory
Of breath on skin
And all the colors
In her hair —
Words whispered
And cried out —
Will crush you

But not yet.
Not yet.

She’s still got tricks
And temptations
To keep you
Coming round for more.
She knows just what’s needed.

Hint of smile
You want to draw into
Full-throated laughter,
Or the barest flick
Of a wrist
Before she rattles
The bones at her hips
With a rippling of muscle
Under skin.

And her unveiling
Is your unveiling.

One of these days,
You wake up —
Standing solitary
As the prairie grass
Lays down to dream —
Disguises burnt,
Masks cast off,
Bared to the snow —
Wondering how
She could leave you
Like this,
Staring stunned
At all the
Naked truth.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

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