Again! Again!

You don’t look back.
Or bother
With fortune tellers.

Done broke.
Paint chips
Off a pale horse
That only goes down,
And down,
And down.

Cast another coat
In carefree colors,
But this rust
Is fucking relentless.
And gears are
A grinding scream.

And anyway,
Someone’s gone
And run off
With the golden ring.

You beg
To get the hell
Off the thing,
But nobody’s at
The controls.

Relentless circling
Of repetitive scenes —
A dirty midway
And a stained corner
Of striped tent
Flapping in
A rising wind.

Where did everybody go?

Jump from it,
If you can.
Take a roll in the dirt,
And try not to bite
Your tongue.

Take a second.
Catch a breath.
Look up at the sundown-bruised sky,
And listen to the crows
In the corn.

Sweaty fingers clutch
The rough-edged
Rectangles —
Passports to
Just a few more rounds.

Shared for OpenLinkNight #62 at the dVerse Poets Pub. Happy fall, pubpoets!


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

11 responses to “Again! Again!”

  1. Mama Zen says :

    I love the pacing of this, the way you let it breathe. Really outstanding write.

  2. Timoteo says :

    I know the feeling of stop the world I want to get off…but most of us don’t really want to get off…we want to “get off” while we’re still here…

  3. claudia says :

    ugh.. sometimes we may just need a pause to be able to ride on…

  4. brian miller says :

    fark…i hear you…there are days that jumping from the run away train is just what i want to do…really strong piece and its got great rhythm as well….

  5. ManicDdaily says :

    Wonderful urgency here. Great resilience. k.

  6. johnallenrichter says :

    “Someone’s run off with the golden ring”…..

    Changes…. you can never go back, they say. And you say it magnificently!

  7. laura hegfield says :

    beautifully written!

  8. Gene says :

    “listen to the crows in the corn”….Loved that line, along with the overall feel of it, the restlessness, the need to escape the clutches of looping life.

  9. Polly Robinson says :

    So worth it for the payoff

  10. Dick Jones says :

    Firm proof that a poem doesn’t need to sink beneath the weight of imagery to do its work well. This is great – direct, conversational and packing a punch.

  11. Beth Winter says :

    Incredible metaphor. I love the clutching of the tickets at the end. Tickets mean that you aren’t finished. Thank you for letting me experience your poem.

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