They ride
The yelping of geese
Or dark crow song,
Descending with dew
To linger here
A moment more.

Most move quickly —
A shadow
Darkens the corner
Of an eye.

Others take a day —
Maybe two —
To find it.
They sit at the table,
Sometimes wander
Room to room,
Stirring up dust,
Forgetting to relinquish
Heavy matter
Or to look up.

And then,
There are those
Who need help to find it.
They arrive in dreams —
The boy with the red hat,
The man who danced like a bear,
The babe with bloody lips —
And one has to be tender
With these tendrils
Of attachment.
Speak quietly.
Move slowly.

Left hand.
Index finger.
An angle capturing
The doorway
To on.

A black magician
Might easily hold them
In thrall.
So take care
To block entry
From those who would harm.

And there is no telling
Or what
Or where
They are.
(Clever, busy minds
Can impose a lifetime’s worth
Of gathered myth
Upon them.)

They said she knew things,
And that it is carried
In blood.
And sometimes
A watcher woman
Is born.

So one must learn
To love these
Species of insomnia.
To rise before the sun.
To feast the fetch
And send it home.
Or to be a stone cliff
Where an echo
Might hear its voice
One last time
Before receding
In diminishing waves.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

2 responses to “On”

  1. Colleen@LooseLeafNotes says :

    The spooking undercurrent of life, especially when I got to the part of the babes with bloody lips.

  2. Steve E says :

    Emily, I wonder if you stop at RED LIGHT signals?
    Because your mind runs at 205 mph, and beautifully veers to another road, slips into gear again. A wild ride!

    I dream…while awake. “See” things, which are not (or maybe are?) there.
    I rise early and ‘talk’ to the entities who hover about in my dark house.
    Sometimes in the beginning soft-light of our back yard, I listen and hear, look for, and SEE, those lurking about. Mostly friendly Peeps I find, those ‘bad guys’ have been rooted out–exceot for a few, but they are NOT in good company for themselves…

    Don’t know if this is even close to your thoughts layed out here, but it is what your words have dredged and piled up in front of me at this moment.

    Thank you.
    I like your depth of thought, and ease of communication–but your mind IS fast, Babe!
    Steve E

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