yes please more summer

Just like that.
Don’t waste seconds
Let the record skip
Slippery and salty
Now sun
Is all up
Like never before.

And oh,
You’d like
A little more?
Something has changed
And I am on my knees
Drinking the last dregs
Of summer
And sucking
On purple clover
And oh,

More please.
Don’t make me beg.
I can walk it off
And not ready yet
To let go.
In the morning
It’s all innuendo
And in its way
Just as much
Of an ache
And who will stop us
From milking this heat
For all it’s worth?

And yes,
A little more?
Hips loose
And I can feel
Time sneaking up
But not yet close
Enough to
Stop us
Yes more

All things possible
In expansive
Maybe more
Than just
Late summer sun
And oh yes
The unbreakable now
Is slow
And deep

And yes,
Open the window,
The moon is drinking green
From the tops of
Those maples,
But don’t stop yet.
There is still too much left.
Vibrating urgency of
Swallowtails in thistle
And fruits still
Getting ripe
On the vine.

And yes,
They pop and the taste
Is like sun distilled
With a little salt
And your skin
In night

And yes,
Please more.
Is there still enough
To savor
And save in jars?
It’s coming.
And it’s coming
And almost upon us
And what happens
When these new bones
That have learned to
Love summer
Must face the clock?

And yes
Don’t stop
And you’re right.
I need this now
And now.
And yes
Box of feathers
And rain.
Jars of summer fruit.
Sweat on lips,
And yes
Anything to keep
It from slipping away.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

2 responses to “yes please more summer”

  1. brian miller says :

    nice…i love the thought of saving a bit for later to savor in a jar…smiles…and there is some underlying sensuality in this piece as well…ha…nice….

  2. Steve E says :

    Emily, I tried to hold onto summer…LOVED it. LOVE it!
    So one day at age 32 I moved to Naples, Florida,
    where summer is always all days.

    Now, that I am in the ‘winter’ of life, and discovered
    that ya can’t hold on forever, I HAVE let go of that
    attachment to warm, vibrant youth of forever summer.

    But it ain’t easy, girl!!!!
    Steve E

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