It began
With tangled up
In his blue eyes.
Falling hard together —
My first good catch and I.

He snared me
With music,
Just like the second.
And in spite
Of all my foolishness,
I caught him
In a net of
Written word.

So young,
But well nourished
By illusions
Of power.
We were going
To bust out
Of that town.

Off the trail,
In the nettles,
His slow eyes
Slipped like glaciers
Across all that
Undiscovered country.

A selfless and instinctive
Lover —
The only one —
A green man
In goat’s clothing,
Highway companion,

And god how
He could listen
And hold forth.
Not a single
Off beat.

Stained glass woods,
Templed cliffs
We climbed,
Melting desert
Our dream interrupted
By the footpad all
‘Round the tent
And a chilling
Coyote chorus.

Magnet and iron,
Like she said.
He was the silver-scaled
Son of summer.
And we were
Well settled.

Sad and sorry now,
And it’s ironic
That blood on the tracks
Has become the perfect vehicle
To exercise a memory
And exorcise these ghosts.

It ended with desire.
Nights alone,
Whispering doubts.
Habits, well-ingrained.

And we were generous
With blame.
But hindsight
Does as they say.
Caught up in the power
Of my stage
And the way
It drew the heartsick
To my feet,
I did not see.

He got tangled
This time —
Haze of smoke
And the maze
At the bottom
Of a bottle.

No ultimatum
Could extricate him.
And I always said
It was
And he
Had become
Someone else.
And maybe that’s true.

But cruel.
Because it was me.
I was the one
Who set the snare
Then ran away
From beautiful promises,
And left him there
To bleed.

Sort of prompted by Victoria’s post on Writing Characters over at the dVerse Poets Pub…


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

5 responses to “Tangled”

  1. Claudia says :

    oh dang…so sad…it began so magical..love all the touches…tangled up in his eyes…he in your words… and then the getting caught…drowning the personality..i get this…my dad used to drink..tough story

  2. Poet Laundry says :

    A powerful, gripping write. You captured so much in your character description. Well done.

  3. hypercryptical says :

    Such a sad write and sometimes we unconsciously set (or allow) the snare unaware of what tomorrow will bring…

    Anna :o]

  4. brian miller says :

    Slipped like glaciers
    Across all that
    Undiscovered country…some really cool imagery in that….and then the turn in your story….def had me enrapt…ugh…sad on how he turned out and glad you escaped….

  5. Victoria C. Slotto says :

    For me, this is a powerful story of love gone wrong and what makes it so good is how you’ve used SETTING to describe character. Very impressive.

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