Gray, Part 2

Now’s your chance!
The clouds are still high,
A little blue
Winking through,
But it takes some miles
To trace this circle —
Further if you care to
Commune with cormorants.

Time looms
Like the rain,
And it’s hard to believe
The leaves are already
Starting to fall,
But why should
That frighten us?

Rain is only water,
And today,
For all my years
And the decade nearly turned,
I blush like a girl
And I could use
A good drenching.

Throwing caution to the wind,
I’m getting those miles
Behind me —
Increasing distance
From safety and shelter.
Come on, now, gray —
Or would you rather
Flirt a while?

That’s okay with me —
Just for you:
A secret smile,
And spring in my step.
But don’t leave me
Hanging out here.

Turn a corner
And a dozen or more finches
Are unloosed
From tall grass
Where some goldenrod
Beats its brethren
To the punch,
And the thistles —
Round and beautiful —

And look,
These robins are
As playful as we —
Sweet anticipation,
Teasing joys
Out of the tangled prairie.
And oh, gray,
Will you hold my hand
A while?

Egret keeps circling,
And we’ve corresponded before,
To speak of the blessed rain
And the seasonal path
‘Cross the compass —
What a difference
A few days and degrees
Can make.

And I see you now, gray —
Sneaking up behind me,
And not quite sure
You’re catching my drift.
Don’t worry.
We don’t need to hurry.

I will paint my skin
With mud
And unbind my braids.
And when you’re ready
To fall
Or to dance,
I’ll be waiting
By the edge of the woods.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

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