You’ve been waiting too long,
And the carrion eaters come.
You can hide in the cattails,
But the wild knows
Where to find you.

Running is no option,
One foot dragging dust.
Ask to shut down
The thought-stream,
Ignore those messages.

But she won’t let go.
The workingmen are sleeping
In the shade.
And all you want is to kick off your shoes
And join them,

Hat over your face.
But already too much
Has atrophied —
And don’t you worry
About the circling vulture?

Thinking about the girl
With the clever fingers
And the man
With echoes and stones —
It was wise —

To create all these
Tethers, anchors,
Faced with the
Darkening highway —

Do you think
You could manage
To keep it between the lines?
You have been waiting
And dreaming too long.

Shared for Open Link Night at the Pub. Cheers, Friends!


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

13 responses to “Waiting”

  1. brian miller says :

    wow. to me there is so much unstated emotion running through this piece…the waiting is the hardest part for sure and you just want to break loose like comes out in your poem…smiles….

  2. Claudia says :

    tight emotions in this…the being waiting for too long but running not being an option…felt write

  3. ordinarylifelessordinary says :

    I agree with Brian, lots and lots of under currents within this. An interesting read thank you!

  4. hedgewitch says :

    The shifting perspectives and images unified with a sense of dysfunction, of being eaten, make this crawl right into your cerebellum like an ear wig–in a good way, I mean. I was gripping the chair arm by “But already too much
    Has atrophied…”

  5. Susan L Daniels says :

    Wow. Really like this–there is a lot of adrenalin in here, waiting to be spent.

  6. Heaven (@asweetlust) says :

    A lot of energy in the waiting …hopefully the vulture is not near ~ Enjoyed this ~ Thanks ~

  7. Gay Reiser Cannon says :

    This is strung with tension and life requires attention…as does poetry and you have heeded your lessons and composed a compelling poem here! Enjoyed it very much.

  8. Kamana says :

    really enjoyed this very tense piece

  9. Emily says :

    Thank you, Kamana.

  10. Emily says :

    Thank you so much for your kind words, Gay.

  11. Emily says :

    Thank you for reading!

  12. Emily says :

    Thank you, Susan!

  13. kelly says :

    This is wonderful. I was immediately drawn in by these lines: “But the wild knows Where to find you.” The undertones throughout are fabulous, as well as the imagery, and I love the multiple meanings for keeping it between the lines. You kept it between the lines just perfectly, here.

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