Here by the woods,
A fawn hops off
Flashing white tail.
Finally gray,
And good for today.
Because endings
And sudden wakings
Occupy these circuits.

Cardinals discuss
How purdy it is,
And it’s not like
They’re wrong,
But distractions.
Easy, now.
He had
Life full of life —
And worry
To spare.

But he had all these lessons,
For a sun
Like a daughter —
Letting it go,
Value of graveyards,
Quiet wing in the wood,
Hiding and waiting,
And how there is
Nothing to need —
Just curiosities
To satisfy.

But these shoes,
So heavy,
And I am full
Of blood.
Is a pause allowed?
Just a moment’s indulgence —
I swear —
And then
I will pick it back up,
The mask.
And who would know,
Just these finches —
So many!
Hinting at the
Gold around the
Calendar bend.

And in that dream,
Running away,
Running away
From your door —
Trying to beat
A storm back,
But heavy shoes slowed
Until it was upon me.

Rainsoaked I turned.
Walked back.
Knocked on the door.
You let me in.
Hands full —
Bottle to warm,
Towel and dry clothes.
Then we climbed
In your old truck,
Turned the engine —
Everything held its breath —
The sun cut the gray —
And you put me back
Where I belonged.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

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