We watch swallowtails
At work amongst the bee balm,
Wondering how long
Before this, too,
Browns and crumbles.
The marsh has gone dry,
And it is a thirsty summer.
Herons blue and green
Have retreated to the river now,
Where the heavier air thrums
With bee and cicada —
That old summer song.

But it carries on here,
And my bones
Resonate with it.
Two goldfinches
Trill on an upbeat,
And small furry things
Watch from shadows.
I hide among them
In the sweet tall grass
By the wildberries,
Stalking the walkers
Who hurry by,
Ears covered,
Eyes closed.

And I am looking.
And I am listening.
And if last season’s lesson
Was the assimilation
Of lust and love,
This time
It is this
Engrossing resonance
Of adaptation and —
As ever —
How to strengthen
These roots
Enough to quench
A deep thirst,
And prevent the visible
From breaking
In the high summer winds.

All the branches
Again reveal
The nature of our moods and modes:
Undergrown, alone
With the swallows and bees
On the prairie —
Or three-become-one,
Twisting at the edge
Of the oak grove
(Even here,
The air is never still
If you’re paying attention) —
These fallen oaks
In the oldwood,
Letting sun kiss
Newly exposed skin —
Or bending with brethren,
That strength in numbers
I have never found.

We are fearful
Of these limits —
And the resources that remain
In this decline.
Like the mother she is,
She tells me again —
With patience unbounded
As she laughs with the crows —
These injuries might transform us
And make us wary
But still,
It is here.
It is always here.
As are you.
And the only limit to it —
And to yourself, my love —
Is just a cloud crossed
Between earth and sun,
A misinterpretation,
And self-imposed.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

2 responses to “Resonant”

  1. Mama Zen says :


  2. Chazinator says :

    Very wonderful, engrossing in the reality and posdibility that you capture so richly and beautifully.

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