Courting Winter

These two guitars —
Juxtaposed —
Waxing eloquent
Under red and blue lights —
Long-known and newfound —
Pull me back down
From the thin air
Where I danced,
Like a bird,
I do not know how
To reconcile these,
And, sure the blue
Will give it away,
I hide my gaze
And anchor myself
In the red shoes.

Let us pause to ponder
The inclinations
Of a solitary heart —
The footstomp joy,
The scraped sole and shadows
Cast by these minstrels.
They are fragile
In the broken light,
But we cling to them,
Lest we drown
Or become the thing
That we dread.

Send it up to the gods —
The unfeeling overseers —
In sweat,
In sex,
In the wild ululations
Of night’s freedom —
But then,
Make your way back out
Of that stifling presence.
Follow the deer tracks
That lead away
From the noise,
The strings,
The wires and membranes.
Out here —
Where the slow change
Births simpler,
More honest feelings —
There might be an escape hatch.

Long ago,
I fell in love
With a summer-skinned
Midnight stalker
Who smelled of the unseen sea
And stilled my wings
With a soft brown eye.
And for a time,
The burning was
Well controlled —
A prairie made free and fertile.
But futile —
The light and the heat
Were too much.
Now I sit
Among blackened grasses.
The ice-edged water paths,
Worrying these burns and bruises.
Wait for the hidden order —
Nature’s law
And the rules of the living
To reassert some sense.

But as the low light turns,
Color collects more meaning,
Even though it merely punctuates
An unending brown-gray horizon.
And I have always had this,
I can wait out
That quieter presence,
There in the glare
Of stagelights.
I can take the time
To untangle this.
And in the quiet,
I grow still,
And patient —
A collector of breaths —
And find new truths.
The longer you look at
And live with
A winter,
The less stark
And simple
It seems.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

One response to “Courting Winter”

  1. Victoria Ranukete says :

    We never know the names of the humans as they considered animals by these trees so not much development comes from them.

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