Let Them Go

He counts it up to six, begins the song.
Sleight hand adjusts the mix, we sing along.
His words! His words! He works the code
And piles them up beside the road —
Stoic harbingers, unforgotten past —
With words that echo the scars that hold fast.

The poet traces lines before my chair,
But blind, he never finds that I am there.
The ink! The ink! My loving page
Capturing words — the moonlit cage.
His fingers cut the iron bands that cling
The ink dances the silver of the string.

Now fading, we found peace within that dance –
The power of release – calm, casual rants.
Let go! Let go! Body and words
Take to the wind like migrant birds.
The autumn currents carry them back home.
Let go as seers make the gifts their own.

I wrote this on a prompt/challenge from dVerse Poets Pub. The form is called a Staccato. I generally have a hard time with form and rhyme — it always feels like I almost managed to say what I was trying to say.

But no matter…it’s good to try to get past our limits, yes?


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About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

10 responses to “Let Them Go”

  1. Sheila Moore says :

    very lovely – I get the sense of all the arts represented here (painting, writing, music) nicely done!

  2. Anna Montgomery says :

    ‘Let go as seers make the gifts their own.’ So true, I enjoyed what you did with the form!

  3. Poetical Psyche says :

    Really nice job here, I really like what you did in the second stanza, can feel and hear that. I understand what you’re talking about in your comments, it does feel like you’re almost saying what you want. Yet still form is fun, and it does expand our scope somewhat, if even only in having a bit of fun:) Thanks

  4. Gay Reiser Cannon says :

    Yes you capture the sensibilities and gifts of the arts in an excellent use of the form. Loved the language and shape of the form – the progress seems to echo the way we respond to those gifts as one matures. Well done!

  5. Mohana says :

    Very good! I specially loved your second and last stanzas.

  6. Shawna says :

    Something tells me this is the right way to do it. 🙂 Great internal rhyme. I gave it a stab but gave up with following the rules almost immediately.

  7. Mary says :

    I think you did very, very well. I love it when the ink dances.

  8. Beth Winter says :

    Oh, wonderful application of form and message. It is quite a challenge to fit thoughts into structure but it is one that I enjoy. I started learning form in order to learn more about the poetry that I was reading. It took a while but the challenge grabbed me. That doesn’t happen for everyone.

    I’m so glad you put your pen to this form. You wrote it perfectly and with great clarity. Your word choices and progression make this entrancing to read out loud. Well done.

  9. Mama Zen says :

    “The ink! The ink! My loving page
    Capturing words — the moonlit cage.”


  10. Bodhirose says :

    You did wonderfully well–your description of writing, dancing and song came through completely. I just tried this form for the first time too. It’s fun to discipline yourself sometimes and try something “out of the box” so to speak.

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