The Cutting

We chose the wrong words
And we are unforgiven again.
Forever lost in mirror eyes,
They did not care to comprehend
The nature of this beast —
Synaptic groove,
Unchained wheels
And the slow leak in the vein.

We surrender our arms —
Our hands —
To this.
But we cannot make it right.
We are impenetrable shadow now,
Shifting below the midnight branches.
We are swollen with swallowed words,
Bound to the machine.

We cannot rewind the hands
Or count our way back to undone.
These seeds were planted while we slept —
Nourished by another spring —
And we’ve had no luck
Cutting through the undergrowth.

Sharpen the blade,
The tempting knife.
The taste of blood is so sweet —
Even if it is our own.
And because we cannot cut in deed
Let the language make it real
That we might feel
Or cease to feel.

A low growling scratches the dark.
An owl calls.
Watchful eye —
We await the predators —
Winter’s sharp bite —
And the forgetfulness
Of the grayscale dream.
We can never redeem ourselves now.


(Shared for OpenLinkNight at dVerse Poets Pub… link here.)



About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

13 responses to “The Cutting”

  1. Pat Hatt says :

    Packed with vivid imagery and strong emotion, wonderful piece, “that we might feel or cease to feel” was great!

  2. claudia says :

    see pat even forgot to rhyme…means the piece has really impressed him…smiles
    a piece, full with deep emotions and touching metaphors…the sadness is felt…it’s true that we cannot rewind or make things undone..still we can sow new seeds and hope for a new sun to let them grow…

  3. John says :

    Very emotional…….. deep sorrow and remorse…… the cutting through time and ourselves was very full of depth…… I think the repeat of soft consonants in lines makes a poem very verbal and beautiful, especially lines like “swollen with swallowed words…..” But my favorite line is undoubtedly: “Or count our way back to undone.” Truly imaginative and unique……. I enjoyed your poem a lot…….

  4. hedgewitch says :

    A sense of being trapped, unforgiven, indeed–much tension and an escalation toward loss that builds line by line. Excellent writing.

  5. brian miller says :

    wow this is a breathtaking piece…felt for sure…the cutting immediately took me to some of the kids i work with and as you trudged through that jungle all the more…yeah i walk that road with them…hard…

  6. Sarah Johnston says :

    this poem is really amazing and packed with great images and emotions so well expressed and the word flow is really excellent

  7. apoetryman says :

    Love the way you feel the agony and regreat of what can’t be undone. Really strikes me, and a little sad at the same time.

  8. Emily says :

    Aw, thank you for all the kind comments. It means a lot.


  9. ayala says :

    Vivid imagery, excellent .

  10. lori says :

    This is a strong piece with a powerful subject matter. The lines that stuck out for me were,

    “We cannot rewind the hands
    Or count our way back to undone.
    These seeds were planted while we slept –
    Nourished by another spring –”

    Well done.

  11. Gay Reiser Cannon says :

    Very poetic rendering of a rending subject. It’s so hard to understand that shadow. Puts me in mind of Pink’s You are Beatiful.

  12. Randy Behavior says :

    I sounds like you tried but the gallery was deaf.

  13. Laurie Kolp says :

    Oh, I really enjoyed this, Emily… I especially like this line:

    We are swollen with swallowed words

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