To E.

This morning brings
A reversal of sky —
Blue cloud on a white field —
And all the while
I tried to think of you.
But like a mirage
You shimmered and were
Lost again
In the summer heat.

The poet’s voice rattled around
In the noisy sanctuary
While the wind tied
Knots in my hair.
And I felt glad for this distraction
From the striving.

How to know
Who you are —
It’s always been this way.
Everything is glimpses
And all the spring things
Bolt and set seed.
So I must wait,
For the right season.

But the summertime tries the patience.
Need a cloud to hide behind
Or the rhythm of rain
To get lost in —
To tell me more —
To take it deeper.
All these superficial words —
I suppose they are a starting point.

For now I must hold the vision
And advance step
By dusty step
Down your darkening trail.
The body at war with itself.
The contradictions and the gimmick.
(I fall every time.)
Belief spoken
By an unbeliever.

Despite all of this —
This and my own ignorance,
My own failings —
I feel that dropping of the heart,
And such gratitude.
And standing before your shadowed walls,
I know —
Though you never can
(Being in it
And of it) —
The difference
A season of growth
Can make.


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

5 responses to “Mirage”

  1. cinnamon blues says :

    This poem has such beautiful lines and great imagery.

  2. thursday poets rally says :

    Glad to discover your poetry talent via wordpress.com,

    Hope to see you join poets rally week 48 today,

    Visit me for details, share and make poetic friends, wow.


    Have fun!

  3. Tinkerbell says :

    The first three stanzas are exceptional. They can stand alone! 🙂
    But on the whole it is a letter and it has that rawness that reaches deep and I love this style.
    “I know the difference a season of growth can make.” Wonderful.

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