Turn it over.
The engine again —
Humming tomb —
Radius of the hands,
And the listener tuned
To the new distraction.

Blacktop rolls
Beneath and listen —
Watch now —
And listen —
The signals are there
If you believe
They are there.

Say it.
And say it.
Out loud —
Say it.

(And again.)

Discard words
Like ash
In the rain,
And let the cooling
Breath in.
Just don’t forget
That the reached-for
Slips further away.

Say it —
And hold
To that fleetfoot signal.
Hold it,
Before the next wave passes
And pulls it back under.

No need to map it.
Let it beckon.
(The stranger knows the way.)
As it falls
From the birdlines,
Raise your net.
You might catch it.

Close the circuit,
And say it again.
Wait for it —
The redlight pengrasp,
The page
Where we worship.

And now
Go again.

Watch for that branch
To dip into thoughtdream
And say it again.

Now turn
Into deerfield
And creekbed meadow,
While heaven cracks the clouds.

They will ask
To split the vein
And drink deep the wordsong.
But no worrybrow here.
Their thirst is irrelevant.
It will mean
What you will it
To mean.

But whether or no,
I have to ask you,

Why is it
The words
Only dance
With rain?


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

15 responses to “Rainwalker”

  1. Jingle says :

    words dance with rain,
    that’s a way to erase the pain?!

    stunning wonders, well conveyed sentiments.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Claudia says :

    nice…always up for a word dance in a warm summer rain…split the vein
    And drink deep the wordsong… this is a cool image.. sing on poet..smiles

  3. markwindham says :

    why indeed, good ending.

  4. brian miller says :

    emily…this is very nice….i like the repeat again and again…of saying it again…and why only in the rain….often pain is the greatest motivation for our emotions to un-numb…and for us to care less enough to say it….

  5. flipside records says :

    The words do tend to dance more readily when it’s raining. I think this is a wonderful expression of what it is to insert and decipher meaning in poetry. So much can be lost between the writer and the reader, especially if you like to hide it and they don’t like to hunt it. But from time to time, the insightful stranger manages to read the rain between the lines.


    “And the listener tuned
    To the new distraction.”

    “The signals are there
    If you believe
    They are there.”

    “No need to map it.
    Let it beckon.
    (The stranger knows the way.)”

  6. Gay Cannon says :

    Signals and dancing in the rain. I think we do have to give a few clues to what we want people to extract from out work, but the meaning always should be explicated. Poetry is ever unfolding. Well written.

  7. Sherry Blue Sky says :

    Fantastic writing, with so many memorable lines: like “the page where we worship”, “watch for that branch to dip into thoughtdream”, “while heaven cracks the clouds”……”drink deep the wordsong…no worrybrow here”…..and your closing stanza is stellar!

  8. hedgewitch says :

    Often wondered that, myself. And darkness. Lovely gavotte through the writing process, not skimming the surface, as one would imagine walking on rain might be, but more like swimming and diving below for the really cool shells.

  9. hollyannegetspoetic says :

    We’ve had a lot of rain here, but curiously my words have not been flowing well… However, I like the “journey” of this poem. “Say it again”. 🙂

  10. Laurie kolp says :

    Great word choices/combinations. I really enjoyed this one.

  11. darkangelwrites says :

    Those last three stanzas are killer. 🙂

  12. ManicDdaily says :

    Wonderful back and forth, mind and pavement, pen and page, rain and ash. k.

  13. clawfish says :

    Wonderful from start to killer end it conveys so much

  14. K. McGee says :

    “Watch for that branch
    To dip into thoughtdream”

    Loved this line so much – it will linger in my thoughts.

  15. lucychili says :

    yes elusive meaning and connection

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