Choke Seed

Doubt mounts —
Rising cloud towers
Build paths heavenward
To find no solace in lofty height.
Just this downward pulling
Into sheets of rain
To ease overbearing

In the morning
She sends dolphin clouds
And birds in flight —
As if to mock
The bolted chain —
My bound heart.
The irons leave me numb.

But at least
A little moon cuts
Through my darkness.

Your shadow
Turns me under
Then rolls me over —

Nothing takes root now
But the twisted weeds.

And in survival struggle
How could I pretend to see?
Mirror or Magnifier?
Or anything but those tendrils
Pushing against
Crushing taproot.

Let me sleep,
When these unnatural interlopers
Have removed their choking grasp —
Perhaps then —
I can reach toward light


About Emily

I may or may not have: A. Dirt B. Ink C. Paint D. Wool under my fingernails.

3 responses to “Choke Seed”

  1. Scent of my heart says :

    Your writing is incredible. Meaning hidden behind simple words! I will sure eb back for more! Glad to have found your blog!

  2. Scent of my heart says :

    Hi, How are you doing?

    I welcome you to week 23 poetry potluck at Jingle Poetry :

    Always, we treasure your support and would be more than happy to see you share…

    The linkz will be open for submission 8pm, Sunday, American Central…theme related entries or unrelated entries are all welcome!

    Best Regards for your day.

    Week 23 Theme: Our Home, Temple and Sanctum


  3. Jingle says :

    Check out Jingle Poetry Potluck or Thursday Poets Rally via the side bar of my blog, we welcome you to become part of our growing community.
    Share your poetry, feel free to place one unique entry to Thursday Poets Rally week 38,
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    Thanks for reading!
    Your poetry rocks!

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