Archive | January 2011

He Sweeps the Snow

He sweeps it away for her —
No reason,
No requirement.
She never even came in for coffee.
But this is he —
The need
Down deep
To do a thing —
Anything —
That can begin to
Pay back
All that has been given.


Closing In

The heel at the neck —
Down pushing down.
I crumble in the middle
And the purple lights dance in front of my eyes,
Fading to green.
The empty shadow stands in the corner.

No light can be cast in that quiet, desperate quadrant
Of the descent.
Any light,
Any warmth
Would be welcome,
But no longer knowing how to seek it
I curl inward —
Remove the shoes,
Walk out into the snow,
And lie down in a drift.

The wind howls above
As the ice flows in
And the frozen wings shatter.