Archive | July 2010


The sky’s bones
Like broken ribs,
Threatening, low,
Throbbing marrow
And your dark look–
There is no cover,
And hurried, harried,
Glancing anxious
For branching shock,
I hang my head,
Hunker in,
Anticipate the pain.


Waiting for the Light

And here, again, we await
The elusive coil burning
With the turning of the wheel.
Now orange, now blue
With heat of shuddered thought.
Do not touch it.
It is not to reach toward.
But wait.
It will come,
With the gear oiled then shifted
Up to winging speed,
Let the noise and rush of the other recede.
Release into the automatic.
It will find you
If you let it.

Three Things – Flutter By

A visitor in the garden pauses for refreshment.

Better late than never, I suppose.

You looked cool then, too.

She Erases Herself

Watch the wanderer
Walking the stone road
From extreme to extreme.

Too extreme,
The extremities numb
For lack of blood or warmth.

Then, purple heart,
Straining in heat
Of too much unreciprocated tenderness.

Locked knees in defensive stance,
She knows she deserves this
And reaches now for the bow.

Slackens the joint into easy offense
And takes aim,
But loses the arrow in the void that wears a lover’s face.

Watches the outlines blur and bend
The blunt edge
Blued and blurred in the smudge-smoke night.

Holds the tool steady now
For use on these things.
Do not reveal the depths, the heights.

Hides the within from even herself
Searches for open hand
To pull her out and forward.

Then, releasing into forgetfulness,
The stranger’s glance
From her own eyes.

This, then, is the necessary:
To find the center,
To hear without hurt,
To see without sight,
To feel without fear,
To dream without dread.

No longer to waste the pain in dissolution.