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Heron Thinks of Flight

‘Neath Venus, embers
Fading into clotted clouds
Heron takes the heat.

Furnace of the leaves
Breathes autumn to the west wind
Heron senses pull.

Footfall dissolves rock,
And deer watch from shadow,
Running into cold fog.



To the Underground Bees


I followed you,
Tumbled down
Beneath the earth on dark, buzzing paths
Toward sweetness–
Throbbing deep and the unknown.

Waning moon rising
Sheds no light within this clay-carved haven.

Chased by a thousand slight stings,
Sharpened and centered,
Followed by dull ache,
And then swelling, expanding outward.

Then inward,
And inward I flew with you
To dark mystery in earthen tunnels
Lined with sweet nectar
From blooming above spirits.

And again.
Again bursting forth
Following sky paths.
And again.
To find the all-consuming sweetness
On the wind.

Coyote Waits to Sing

Watching the runners fly fleet-foot like deer,
Gravity keeps her feet tied to the ground.
Sing, sing coyote — that my heart may hear.

She looks for the moon’s sad face like a mirror.
Pads on behind without making a sound.
Ahead, the runners fly fleet-foot like deer.

Measured and tempered, her step brings her near.
She climbs to the crest of the ancient mound.
Sing, sing coyote — and ancestors, hear!

Heart drumbeats pounding, she resonates fear,
Knowing that to these, her soul’s also bound.
Ahead, the runners fly fleet-foot like deer.

Each moment, breathes in, silent far-seer,
Pacing the earth paths ’til answers are found.
Sing, sing coyote — so all creatures hear.

With suddenness, clouds break. All becomes clear.
Her song fills the ether, and chorus rings round.
Beyond as the runners fly fleet-foot like deer,
Sing, sing coyote — that all souls may hear.

Cosmos Haiku Triad

Accidental seed
Awakened in cement seam
Pushing toward light.




Eyes of the cosmos
Gaze deeply into blue soul
Wind breathes sunset smoke.




Resilient knowledge
Speaks of earthly blood and light,
Spilling outward now.


I have no idea when the seed that grew into this most beautiful cosmos fell into the sidewalk crack.

And I don’t know why it grew this year and not last year. (Because I certainly didn’t put any seeds of that variety in this year.)

But somehow, it held on, and it’s there.